Bring the sacred purpose of your life into focus

Begin with a FREE course
on how to listen for your calling?

Bring The Sacred Purpose Of Your Life Into Focus

Begin with a FREE
course on how to listen for your calling?

I believe...

humanity brims with potential. We face real challenges in our world, but all is not lost. These may be dark times, but possibility always emerges from darkness, just like a baby emerges from the womb.

I believe...

culture and community reflect of our spiritual conditions. If we want a different culture or community we must transform our spiritual condition. The problems are not income inequality, war, environmental degradation, racism or refugees. The problems are greed, fear, selfishness, isolation and alienation. These are spiritual problems that require spiritual solutions

I believe...

you have a role to play. I believe you have a calling. Maybe you are living into this calling, maybe not. But either way I want to help. Spiritual companionship is a commitment we make to one another to participate in the larger movements of Creation so we might help all beings. 

We do this work not for personal serenity (although that is a nice side effect), we walk this journey for all beings. That is our vow.

Three Ways to Help

I have three different spiritual companioning communities.
Each have slightly different aims and designs. 


One-on-one private work designed around a particular set of goals. We work for a set period of time (usually 6 months) to develop your personal relationship with the Divine. Our primary focus is on intimacy and presence and the great questions living within you. 


The Seeker's Table is an international community of people who host in-person events at their home, but support and share with one another online. Through meditations, music, and discussion we explore the Divine as a communal experience. 


A 10-month intensive training designed to help you become clear on your calling and how to manifest it in the world. Includes two 5-day retreats, weekly readings, discussions, and teachings. Spiritual leaders from across traditions will guide your journey into the Divine. 

Want help meditating? Download a FREE guided meditation

I know how hard it can be to just sit on the cushion when you are new to meditating. So, I created two versions of a guided meditation to help you. One is 20-minutes and the other is 30-minutes for when you are ready to sit a little longer. They are both FREE.

Listen to my podcast for help with your meditation practice

Sit Breathe Bow

Sit, Breathe Bow: a podcast for practitioners interviews Buddhist teachers from a variety of traditions about their commitment to practice  and what the discipline can do for people.

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